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Welcome to URBAN AIR and to our family of Lambada aircraft.
UFM-13 Lambada and UFM-10 Samba are a two-seat, fully-composite microlight aeroplane, designed for economical touring, pilot training and sport flying. UFM_13W is pure glider.

The Lambada family represents a new generation of outstandingly beautiful and aerodynamically efficient light aircraft, which offer exceptional quality, performance, and value for money. The aircraft´s advanced structure and design puts it at the forefront of this rapidly developing field of aviation.

Lamacka In May 1996, the prototype UFM-13 was submitted to a rigorous program of flight tests and load tests, which included testing the wing to destruction (up to + 12 "G") at the Aeronautical Engineering faculty of Brno University.

All of the composite components are built in high quality moulds, thus ensuring a much higher standart of accuracy and finish than is obtainable with any other method of construction. The materials used (imported glass and carbon fibre epoxy laminate of aircraft manufacturing grade) guarantee uniform qualities of strengh and lightness.

Tests the aeroplane successfully passed the wing loading test carried out at the Aeronautical Engineering faculty of Brno University.

The wing-flaps, ailerons or flaperons and the elevator all feature automatic self-aligning connectors, which greatly facilitate quick assembly and de-rigging of the wings and tailplane. The wing spars are reinforced with carbon fibre and reguire no struts. They locate into each other and into the fuselage with great precision and are locked in place with just one steel pin. The whole operation is designed to be extremely simple and performed in a few minutes without tools. Once dismanted UFM aircraft can be easily transported on a special trailer, with the wings supported alongside the fuselage. The laminar wing profile SM 701 gives high performance in all phases of flight

A monocuque shell structure has been adopted to provide maximum strength-to-weight ratio and a streamlined form of exceptional smoothness and high-gloss finish, which accounts for the very low drag of this plane. The fuselage is largely tubular in section with several annular bulkheads, and the wings are a combination of a sandwich shell and a beam. The number of parts not contributing directly to the structural strength has been minimised e.g. even the seats form an integral part of the fuselage.

The load test program was based on the Czech UL-2 regulations, howeveer, due to the aircrafts high performance, several tests were carried out to the more demanding standards of JAR-22 and JAR VLA. Specifically wing gust loading and undercarriage load tests, among others, were proved at hte higher standard. The initial arrangement of composite lay-up was calculated manually. Then a three-dimensional computer model of the wing and fuselage was created and used for the finite element analysis of static strength using the computer program MSC/NASTRAN.

The basic design and detailed structure were the responsibility of Pavel Urban and his colleagues Karel Faltus and Milos Mladek. The aerodynamic design and calculations were the responsibility of Mirko Musil, who unfortunately died at the end of his work. We are very grateful for his help and would honour his memory.
Designers Stress calculations were carried out by

Mr. Kabrt and his brother, from Vanessa Air Ltd.,

who also completed some of the aerodynamic calculations. Some of the most modern computer methods of finite element analysis were employed in the successful load testing program at Brno University.

Milos Mladek and Karel Faltus in the Lambada prototype

The aeroplane design and production technology ensure :


It is four years since the prototype flew and we can say that each succeeding plane has incorporated valuable improvements in quality and user convenience. There about 35 UFM aeroplanes flying in 10 countries. The cockpit has been enlarged and made more sound-proof and comfortable. The fuel tank has been moved to the left wing and the main-wheel brakes are now hydraulically operated to give improved braking.

Urban Air is now in a position to offer customers the version of their choice and will shortly launch their new pure glider UFM-13W.
UFM-10 Samba
will feature a shortened low-wing, rather than the shoulder-wing used on the other models. It will be ideal for fast touring, sport flying and towing of gliders of up to 380 kg. It will have an economical cruise speed of about 200 km/h and a maximum cruise of 250 km/h. Rotax 912 or 912 ULS can be fitted.
NewNew product of Urban Air fly now!!


is a pure glider with two side-by-side seats and a glide ratio of 28:1. Urban Air are seeking Czech certification JAR 22 on Czech Civil Aviation Authority in Prag.

Technical Data UFM-10/13/13W
. . UFM-13 UFM-10 UFM-13W
Wingspan (with wingtips) m 13 (15) 10 13 (15)
Lenght m 6,6 5,9 6,6
Height m 1,95 1,95 1,3
Wingarea m2 12,16 (12,85) 8,9 12,16
MTOW kg 450 450 420
Weight kg 265/280 250 220
Aerofoilsection . SM 701 SM 701 SM 701
Rotax 912(ULS) PS 80 80/100 -
Propeller - 2 /3 m 1,58/1,43 1,58/1,43 -
Min. speed km/h 63 65 62
Max.cruising speed km/h 175 250 -
Max.speed in turbulence km/h 150 200 150
Never exceeded speed km/h 190 270 190
Max. calculating speed km/h 212 300 212
Glider ratio cca 23 19 28
Climbing solo m/s 7 3,5/7(10) .
Climbing at MTOW m/s 5 5(7) -
Climbing by tow m/s . 2,5/3,5 .
Min.sink rate m/s 1,1 1,5 0,75-0,9
Fuel tank l 50 50 -
Number of seats pcs 2 2 2

Some historical points of projet "LAMBADA"

  • 1996 - "Gold medal" for UFM-13 at the Aerosalon Jihlava
  • 1998 - "Gold Orchid" for UFM 11 at the microlight exhibition in Prague
  • 1998 - September - victory in the World Microlight Cup (FTS Class) at Matkopusza in Hungary
  • 1999 - "Gold medal" for UFM-10 at the Aerosalon Jihlava
  • 1998 - 2. place in the World Championship UL (FTS Class) at Matkopusza in Hungary
  • 1999 - 2. place in the World Championship UL (FTS Class) at Matkopusza in Hungary

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Examination of the Lambada and trial flights are available at Usti nad Orlici sport airport by prior arrangement with Urban Air. Detailed information about the airport are published on the main (web) page of the AIRPORT USTI NAD ORLICI. .

The officies of Urban Air are in the village of Libchavy, 5 km west of Usti nad Orlici, on the road to Vamberk.

Finally ,here are some pictures of the UFM-13 Lambadaand UFM-10 Samba.

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